We have had quite a few questions lately looking for ideas on gardening ideas and advice for long narrow spaces.

This tends to be as lot of the spaces that we work with – not everyone has the luxury of a sprawling rooftop garden, but that does not exclude you from utilizing what outdoor space you have or bringing the outside indoors with an indoor plant or garden.

Narrow spaces – require a little more planning – materials such as this steel plate flooring will not work in every situation due to overheating – therefore making the space unusable at the hottest point in the day

Narrow long balconies or terraces are often the gardens that we are working with – be very aware of the direction of the light as that will dictate many things within your outdoor space from – types of plants chosen, furniture materials.

Softening railings with plant material is also a really good idea – if you have an amazing view don’t put anything in that will obstruct that view – nothing too tall – if you are doing the hedge for privacy then maybe avoid anything deciduous ( losing its leaves in Winter )

A hedge like this softens the railing behind and also offers privacy in your Urban Oasis

Pots and planters in a narrow space need to be unobtrusive – you only have so much space – choose up right or structural plant material so that it does not encroach on your livable space.

Narrow tall planters and upright plant material gives the space a more usable square footage

Light it up – i cant stress enough how important lighting and irrigation are to your outdoor space it gives it an element of romance at night time – and who doesn’t need a little romance !