Is doable even a word ?

I mean this is a blog, and I am meant to drone on and on about a subject that you wont fall asleep on, but the simple answer to that question is NO.

There is no such thing as a no maintenance garden anywhere – let alone on a rooftop in Manhattan.

Here we are baking in the sun of a Manhattan Summer

Its kind of like being in a relationship and never having to put any work into it – or yourself – at some point somethings gonna die or someone is going to be maimed or killed ! ( not speaking from any former experiences of course – quick gulp of wine here ) Anyway I digress !!

Think about a rooftop garden and the environment that it is in. It bakes up there all summer long where it is around 5 degrees warmer than if it were on the ground. In winter it is 5 degrees colder than on ground level.

Brrrrrrrrr its really really cold up here in Winter !!!

So at the very least if you are designing a rooftop garden or a terrace garden you will need to seasonally clean your garden ( and especially your drains that get clogged with leaves, and the wrappers from the envy that is unwrapped when people visit your urban oasis ! ) That means a good clean up and fertilize in Spring and another fertilize in Summer then a clean up including a prune in Fall.

Nice little terrace with a pee spot for the pooch ! and gas bottles for your flame thrower ! – notice how it masks the really really ugly rooftop that would be your view if not for this lovely garden – i know what i would rather look at !

You will need your irrigation lines turned on in summer and off ( drained- in winter so that the pipes don’t burst ) this is the very bare minimum.

You have plants in tiny boxes – they ( at some point ) will need fertilizer – and with Fertilizer comes growth and with growth comes the need for root pruning.

AAAAhhhhh bliss !!! Open the wine please !

What is root pruning I hear you say – you will just need to wait until next week ! What am I going to talk about if I don’t spread myself out a bit !!! On that subject thank you for all of the suggestions that you have been e-mailing in on what you would like to see covered – I have a list started and will start working through them all ( mum I know which ones are you – you know you can just call ) – I have e mailed each of you back as I have received them – the suggestions/questions have been fantastic – so thank you all. If you suddenly thought of a question feel free to e mail me through sales on this site.

So no maintenance garden – no not if you want it to live -kind of like your relationship – put the work in to it that it deserves and you will reap the rewards for many years to come

Your garden is an enhancement to your view !