Yes it is – it seems that everything is very confused – I don’t know about you but the bulbs in my garden have popped their heads up and are about to send out the first of their buds !

Tiny buds on these daffodils are an indicator of just how unseasonably warm it is right now

So what happens if it freezes now – well that will not be a good thing – what is happening now is that the plants are all sending sugars from their bulbs or roots ( depending on Plant Type ) to the rest of the plant – encouraging leaf growth and flower formation. This is about 6 weeks earlier than normal.

The sweet scent of Spring !

So if it freezes now – any buds on most plants that are flowers will be burnt and will not produce a flower – or if they do produce a flower it will be deformed and smaller than it would normally be.

If the sugar that is travelling from the roots freezes in the stem or the branches of the plant – it will often result in splitting of the bark on the branches or stems of the plant allowing the entrance of diseases into the plant.

So while this weather is lovely for a change – it can have some long term affects on your garden – and not too many of them are good !