Oh my goodness – you can almost hear the plants getting ready to burst forth in a joyous symphony to Spring – are you ready for it ? Yes its a month too early but we are getting ready here at Plant Specialists!

Nothing Says Spring to me more than riotous swaths of color

Our garden design team has many trucks full of Spring annuals on the way – our buyers are having a tough time buying plants this year as the early season has made for slim pickings for Spring annuals !

Does anyone not adore Tulips – this is a really lovely mix that our garden design team put together for a very demanding client last season ( me )

So what are your steps now – the earth is warming up, bulbs are beginning to bud out, cherries and Magnolias are showing their first signs of awakening for their first glimpse at 2020 so what do we do to welcome them.

Don’t you wish this image was scratch and sniff – does anyone other than me remember scratch and sniff shirts ?

Step one – if you have an irrigation system do NOT turn it on no matter how tempting it may be – the last thing you want ( especially if you have a rooftop space ) is to turn your irrigation on too early and have it freeze burst and flood ! ( how to make Friends with your downstairs neighbors and building Super – NOT )

Spring is a showstopper – don’t you think ?

If you have cut branches on ground that is housing Spring bulbs – now is the time to remove the greens – the last thing you want is to begin removing the cut greens once the bulbs have flower buds and decapitating ( eeeek – off with their heads ! ) them in the process ( at this point your cut greens are dry and crispy and razor sharp – your bulbs are soft and tender and easily damaged)

Cut greens like the ones above – are ready to be removed right about now.

If the ground looks dry – feel free to give it some water by using a bucket or a watering can – pour it slowly as you want it to really soak in to the soil and get to the roots under the soil.

Oh my gosh – isn’t this spectacular ! A New York friend of mine once said ” Spring is the one time that you can mix many colors in the garden”

Should you fertilize now ? – patience grasshopper, patience – you really don’t want to add fertilizer to your garden for a month or so – wait for the bulbs to have their parade of fabulousness then lets talk fertilizer !

Hyacinth, Primula & Hellebore – leading the Spring parade ! Oh my !!