So with the Corona Virus keeping you all at home – you have been keeping me busy with gardening questions ! ( keep them coming !!)Someone was telling me the other day that his wife had cancelled their vacation to Europe, was avoiding crowds at the mall and was not going to restaurants so as to avoid crowds of people – he said that it was like a forced savings plan !

I say call someone at Plant Specialists – and lets design and build you an incredible garden !

Better than any vacation !

So one of the questions that I had a couple of times over the last week was long lasting Spring Flowers – what would I recommend that with this erratic weather that we are having could handle slight fluctuations in temperature and still look good.

To be honest you really cant go past a Beautiful Pansy with its rainbows of color.

How Pretty is this display of Pure white Pansies with a delicate splash of blue at the throat

From huge ruffled doubles to tiny little violas – the Pansy really is an incredible performer

Planted en mass these little guys really do steal the Spring show ! This one is aptly named “shades of blue “

Pansies can handle cold that goes below freezing – even down as low as 26 degrees – they may look a little sad and their leaves may grey but that is just them going into defense mode – a few days of warm temperature and a little water will often have them bouncing right back.

The black Pansy – there are not too many pure black flowers – the Pansy is almost as close as you will get to it

Pansies don’t like to dry out so avoid letting them go for too long without water – its also worth remembering to not fertilize them too late in the season a nice slow release fertilizer early on in the season is the way to go.

Isn’t this a lovely vibrant Blue !