One of the many e mails I have gotten from the blog ( aside from i really really want to live in that pad ) is what are the views like from the roof of Manhattan.

Well at Plant Specialists – our designers get to perch on those boughs in the sky and look across that urban jungle and often sigh ” I really really really live here “

I mean seriously crack open the wine !

Then of course you come downstairs hit the subway or fight for a cab and in a completely different tone you say ” I really really really live here” usually through clenched teeth !

Glass of wine – oh don’t mind if i do – don’t take the bottle away…..

I mean you look at some of the gardens that Plant Specialists talented team have designed and installed over the last 50 years ( not me I’m only 26 !ok that’s a lie ) and it really is quite remarkable. These little urban oasis’s are hovering high above the hustle and bustle of one of the craziest cities in the world !

This is the ultimate escape from the City for me – high above the craziness of the city below

So if you are looking to upgrade your outdoor space – or you want to upgrade my outdoor space – actually you would first need to buy me an apartment with outdoor space – but hey I’m up for it !