While posting images of beautiful gardens that we have created as tributes to those that have passed away I thought I would keep you updated on day to day life in New York City during this crazy period

A beautiful background enhanced with just a smattering of Boxwood’s, Hydrangea’s & a lovely Mugo Pine

So yesterday 319 New Yorker’s drew their last breath.

Bringing the total number of deaths in New York to 2538.

New York had 9152 New cases yesterday.

New York currently has 93 thousand cases.

Can you ever imagine New York City this tranquil ?

Nurses and health care workers are run ragged.

Every night on my stoop in Brooklyn we all come outside and clap for the heroic efforts that these incredible individuals put in – although to be honest it seems kind of futile when what they really need is the resources to do their jobs properly – masks, ventilators and protective clothing. It would seem to be the basic essentials when dealing with a highly contagious virus.

My partner, kids and I made cookies and gave them to a friend who works at NYU hospital – the nurses actually took the time to send thank you e mails and take photos saying thank you, and a part of me felt that it just wasn’t enough – how do we show them and tell them how important that they are – how do we support them like they support us….. something to ponder

Making 300 cookies for nurses at NYU hospital
One of many thank you notes and e mails from these amazing people.

So stay safe out there wherever you are – spare a thought to your health care workers, your grocery check out people who really earn nothing or next to nothing, spare a thought for the homeless whose soup kitchens have closed down – and ask yourself what you can do for your fellow man – how can you help ? – I find myself asking inner me that each and every day