It just seems to be going from bad to worse ! Today has been our most deflating day to date. It hurts to breath not because of any illness – or at least I hope not – but just the sheer pain of loss it hurts to breath.

It is 3 pm and already the United States of America has drawn a finish line for 1404 souls selfishly plucked from our community. I don’t even have the energy to cry anymore.

New York alone has lost 731 unique individuals today ! This vibrant wonderful city that embraces you while kicking you in the guts at the same time has lost 731 beautiful souls.

Looking out on our vibrant City in 2019

We are doing our very best to turn on irrigation systems in gardens that will otherwise die without water – so far we have turned on just over 100 of the 700 we have to turn on – we face many challenges – from clients expectations to moral responsibilities – I am blessed to work with such an awesome team.

Beautiful installation on a garden that we have maintained for 25 years

Today we found out that one of our guys, his wife and most likely their baby has been infected – its a frustrating time when teams that are as close as families cant even reach out to hug hold and reassure.

Life is strange – I don’t know about all of you but i miss touching people, laughing – having a drink after work.

Another magnificent garden that we have designed and redesigned several times and maintained fore 23 years !

Did you know that the town I come from in Australia has 70 people in it – well 69 since i left – the number of people that have died in New York City today is more than ten times the population of that tiny town

It is devastating