Its hard to believe when you look out of the window in the morning – with the sun streaming, the birds singing and the garden exploding with color and that beautiful lime green hue that only shows its nose in Spring, that all of this nightmare could possibly be going on.

Window boxes welcoming the Easter Bunny last year – do you think he will be wearing a mask this year ? Designed by our spectacular garden care team

The streets of New York City are deserted, it feels like we are in a Star Trek saga – all the people have dissapeared and now the mission of the Trekies is to find out what happened to the them . Sad thing is it is not a movie.

Spring is Springing – Corona Virus or not !

I was talking to someone the other day and we mentioned how similar it felt to be here on 09/11 – everyone is scared, the city is deserted, the stores are all closed and people are friendly. ( not something we are known for – except in moments of crisis ) Then we agreed that the big difference was the face masks, gloves and the various degrees of protection that you see (never discount the fact that New Yorker’s excel in individuality and we are a weird bunch – so you are seeing all levels of crazy – yesterday morning at the supermarket I saw a man with a water cooler on his head – I kid you not – he had cut the bottom off of one of those big plastic cooler jugs and was wearing it on his head – the front had all condensation from his breath I tried to snap a photo but you have to be a little polite – ok battery was flat!!)

The other big difference is that on that horrific day you had options – you could fantasize about moving to Canada, Mexico, New Zealand or Thailand – now there is nowhere not going through this – and I think that is it – it feels incredibly weird having your choices removed. ( at least that is it for me )

Spectacular Spring flowers planted by our Garden Care team from last year

Its not all about seeing friends ( although I do miss my friends and having an excuse to open a second bottle of wine ) its choices – I don’t eat out every night – but its nice to have the option to do so. I don’t work out every day – but its nice to think that you can. I’m not someone to hang at the mall of shop frivolously – but its nice to have the option to do so.

A beautifully small space – vastly unused – turned into a lovely little birch grove retreat by our talented Rooftop garden designers.

So yes its the removal of choices and options that is the most difficult – I mean if i chose to sit at home and play on social media all day and lay around watching TV while avoiding the gym – that’s a beautiful day but when you are forced to do it – now that’s another thing !!