There are a few to do’s and one must do during the Virus if you want your garden to survive.

By now you should have lifted any cut greens on winter displays from your garden. Normally the Plant Specialists garden care team would have coordinated this with you and been by to make sure that your garden is in tip top condition.

Winter Greens should have been lifted and removed at this point to make way for Spring bulbs

The essential element for the survival of any garden is water – you must water your garden at least twice a week at this point. Not just a sprinkle a really good saturate – the water should be running out of the bottom of the planter. If you have an irrigation system then someone from Plant Specialists team will have contacted you regarding coming by to turn on your system or at the very least walked you through the process over a Face time call – especially if your building is not allowing service contractors in due to the Virus.

All gardens need water – not just a little sprinkle a good solid soaking at least twice a week in Spring

The other essential for any roof top garden is the drains – the drain needs to be cleaned and you need to make sure that there is no build up of debris on top of the drain that could perhaps cause flooding in a heavy rainstorm. The best thing to do is have your building come up and check it for you – and continue to check it regularly ( like once a month ) during the entire year.

A well watered well looked after Plant Specialists garden

Normally at this point we would cut back grasses, hydrangeas, red twig dogwoods. We would also be doing light pruning and fertilizing to give your garden the very best start to the year possible – due to Corona that will not happen at this point – we are more than happy to walk you through any questions that you may have but if you can just make sure that the garden is getting a really good watering then the rest we can sort out when we finally move on from this dreadful moment in time. Stay safe all