By now, if you are living in New York City, you are beginning to wonder if anything will ever be normal again – and even what normal is ! The Corona Virus continues to devastate souls within the city but not the soul of the City.

My neighbors baked bread for me the other day ( delicious), fruits pies drinks & goodies have been skipping fences in my neighborhood and without getting closer ( 6 ft distance at all times ) we have all gotten “closer” if that makes any sense.

A beautiful loaf of crusty bread devoured with gobs of melted butter – thank you neighbor !

This Saturday it is going to be 38 degrees in Manhattan – what the what !! seriously …… It is the middle of May! this should not be happening – is there any way to unplug the year from the socket in the wall and re plug it in for a re start – like you would for any computer that you were having issues with!

I say lets have a redo a start over – anything …

Lush Tropical plants that we planter last year frame this ball of energy skyline !

So what is happening in your garden!

By now you should have cut back all of your grasses and Hydrangeas – if like me you love the look of the dried Hydrangea flowers or the wispy fronds of dried grass blowing in the wind during Winter.

Normally at this point if you are a client of Plant Specialists – we would have been in and removed any winter displays that you may have had, cut everything back hard, power washed where appropriate and given the entire garden a good feed of an organic fertlizer.

Bulbs will be at the peak or just past their peak at this point

As tempted as you will be, to give your bulbs a haircut ( the flowers will have wilted or died ) the best thing to do is to wait until the leaves die back and the sugar from the leaves has returned to the bulb itself.

This will give the bulb the ability to return next year – looking as fabulous as this year !

The best thing to do if you want to plant around them is to loop them in half and tie them off with one of their own leaves so it looks manicured and well thought out and also gives you the space to plant Summer annuals.

Bulb tops tied like this are quick and easy, they look great and allows room for easy summer planting.

Be a little careful with your summer annual planting – anything that you are buying at this point has spent a lot of time in a green house and cold temperatures like 38 degrees are going to give it a shock and will most likely result in burnt leaves, flower buds or both.

Next week I will put together a guide for fertilizing – times types etc

Have a great weekend.

One of my favorite flowers of all time – who am I kidding I love all of them !! – Echinacea