Its kind of like that first dip in the Ocean in Summer, you step out all pasty and white, you tentatively dip your toe into the waves as they creep and foam up the beach. Your face is a grimace as you don’t really know what to expect, you jump ( maybe even squeal ) and retreat backwards away from what just ten minutes ago was possibility and is now seen as torture.

Thats kind of how we feel as we begin to prepare to re open our business.

One of Plant Specialists talented installation teams on a rooftop garden in Manhattan.

We have been greening New York City for 50 years, we have been through many challenges in that time but none so challenging as this one.

We have been in lock down for close to two months and as we come out of it every question solved leaves another twenty unanswered.

We are stocking up on disposable masks and disposable gloves. We are looking to reconfigure our work spaces, how will social distancing work in trucks loaded with plants – all big questions with every question having a question.

The most important issue is our teams well being – they need to be protected, they need to feel safe and they need to be careful.

Plant Specialists team preparing a rooftop lawn installation on a terrace in Manhattan

So what are we doing

  • All team members will be regularly tested – the first round of tests with team members is occurring tomorrow.
  • We are avoiding the subway and any mass transport by taking bikes, work vehicles home or walking
  • All team members will be temperature checked as they arrive into the office in the morning.
  • All team members will be issued disposable face masks and Nitrile gloves.
  • No team members will be drinking Chlorox or any other stupid suggestions.
Plant Specialists team members moving all of the plant material from one terrace to another to prepare the roof for repointing.

We will avoid all contact ( possible ) with anyone, encouraging all people to remotely communicate or communicate via electronic devices.

Its a whole new world, its scary and its different. However we have each other and it is all of our responsibilities to look out for each other