All weekend the small group of us that were returning to work ( as of today 11 out of around 70 )were excited to get our hands back in the dirt, beginning to talk flowers, plants and garden designs! . But mostly just excited to talk to someone other than our children, partner, dog or cat or even the can of baked beans hanging out in the now very bare cupboard! ( never did get anything but a frosty reception from that one!)

A beautiful upper East garden that Plant Specialists has looked after for the past thirty years in mid face lift from 2019.

This morning was a different story all together – the alarm screamed into my ear just before 5am ( I seriously considered tossing it out of the open window )., I dressed and felt something was missing – it was that high level of anticipation of returning to what I love most – the people I work with, The plants I love and the amazing group of clients that we look after.

Plant Specialists creates spectacular retreats in an otherwise urban jungle

Then I realized that there was a certain amount of fear about returning to work. Don’t get me wrong – we all want to work, we all want to contribute, we all want to garden – but none of us want to put anyone else at risk. Many of our team have been in the company in excess of 30 years. They are the most susceptible to this Virus and yes we have masks, we have gloves, we have hand sanitizer and temperature checks, but as an old friend of mine used to say – ” you don’t know what you don’t know “

A beautiful Plant Specialists design

So off we went – eleven intrepid passionate Plant Specialists team members braving the Virus to garden and to get some money moving – rent is due, mortgages are due and that one lonely can of baked beans needs some friends to talk to !

A lovely respite from the city – built and designed by the amazingly talented team at Plant Specialists.