From the title alone you know I am dating myself ! If only life could be that simple, fun and frivolous, we could all just skip around and sing ( well ) and dance ( well ) and fly off into the sunset like Sandy & Danny

As the weather changes from cool Spring days to long Summer days your garden is going to need a little Summer loving !

Mounds of Boxwood form a formal but slightly informal hedge

In New York City it has been a very cool and wet transition, normally by the end of May it is a lot hotter here. We have been doused with good levels of rain and everything is looking lush and Green. This is not going to last, from all reports we are looking at a hot and dry Summer.

Lazy Summer days – soaking up the sun in this beauty designed, installed & maintained by Plant Specialists.

At this point the Plant Specialists irrigation team ( or yourself ) will have reactivated your irrigation system – In New York City that has been a massive challenge for us as the majority of our gardens perch on rooftops – which, due to the Corona Virus are virtually impossible to access – but thanks to an amazing irrigation team leader and a small group of dedicated team members we have achieved that task ( cue trumpets – call in the Angels ! )

Plant Specialists design team are amazing at making the best of all spaces – large or small. A large garden can have as many design issues as designing for a small garden.

Spring bulbs have finished. Due to the cool weather pansies are still nodding their bright little heads confident in their intense beauty.

I look at the simple Pansy and think – wow – just wow. Its like brush stroke of beauty applied to a living canvas.

In the next month irrigation watering times will need to be increased so that plants get more water in the hottest months of the year, Planting of Summer Annuals can begin now. The hardest part is what to plant – the possibilities are endless. Do you want lots of color, monochromatic, something to attract bees, tall, short ? Do you want something that flowers all summer long. If you have animals or children you need to make sure that you are not planting anything that is poisonous such as Lantanna , whose white milky sap can be very dangerous if you get it in your eyes ( did you know that Lantanna was made famous by Barbie – yes I’m serious !! It was Barbie’s wedding bouquet when she married Ken ! )

Will you marry me Barbie – we can live happily ever after in your dream home ! Lantanna comes in a huge array of colors and flowers all summer long.
Many annuals like this Lobelia attract natures pollinators. The lime green plant below is also an annual called Ipomea – or you would know it as the common Potato – and yes it will produce potatoes and yes you can eat them !
Hello beautiful Petunias! The possibilities are endless for Summer color – This rooftop garden epitomizes New York Cities skyline for me.

This is also a very important time to fertilize.

Common Miracle Grow is great for your flowering Plants, Holly Tone for your evergreens, Tree 27-9-9 for your Trees, Rose Tone for your Roses. As an organic application we use a Fish fertilizer or a seaweed mixed application – just as a word of warning – the fish application is stinky ! Do read the labels carefully if you are applying the fertilizer yourself – you can over fertilize resulting in the burning of the plant. You can also burn yourself – so wear appropriate protective gear and rinse everything well when you are done. Its always a good idea to really soak the plants once you have fertilized them to wash anything off of the leaves and saturate the soil.

Plant Specialists team fertilizing one of our back of town home gardens.