Plant Specialists stands unequivocally behind the Black Lives Matter movement. We have watched the events of the past few weeks unfold with pain in our hearts and a burning desire to help fight the injustices which have been occurring for too long. Its time for every one of us to stand up and be Anti-Racist.

We are a company of many fabulous individuals – who together,over the past 50 years have created the fantastic company that we are today.

We are proud to be part of a company that both hires and promotes without racial or gender bias. A company that strives to ALWAYS do the right thing – not because anyone is watching, but because it’s the standard to which we hold ourselves accountable.

Our team is as varied as the plants we install

We are a small company of passionate individuals doing our bit for the environment and people who love their gardens. We want to also be a company that you, our customers, are proud to support.

Working hard and playing hard !

We hope you will use your voice and your platform ( even if that means just in your home ) to help put an end to the systemic racism that has existed in our country for too long.

We love the color Green !