Its the middle of Summer, New York City is sizzling hot, most of us are social distancing, using masks and hand sanitizing ourselves crazy ( who knew that my hands would consume more alcohol than my mouth ! )

Do you see a cocktail or two being consumed in this lovely Plant Specialists urban oasis ( I do)

A few weeks ago I came into a crate of lovely lovely lemons that were all organically grown and so ripe they were just on the edge of being too ripe. The smell of citrus was intoxicating, the store was virtually giving them away. ( I now wish i had bought more )

Is there anything better than the smell of ripe citrus? – it draws me back to memories of gardening with my parents, baking with grandparents so many memories in these little orbs!

I also have a huge amount of mint in my garden that is going crazy and about to engulf other areas that quite frankly have a “no mint ” policy lol.

I have piled the neighbors up with it, the kids and I have made soap with it, we have dried it – so why not add it to ice for cocktails – great idea I say!

Magical mint !

So here we go, its basic but its yummy – cocktails will never taste better !!!

Lemon & Mint Ice Cubes

Now I chose lemon & mint as I had both in abundance – but think of the combos that you can create – a mix of berries ( sounds berry nice ) Crystallized ginger and mint, edible flowers ( tiny Violas work well ) and orange peel. The possibilities are endless and are sure to spruce up any cocktail ! Or even a non alcoholic drink gets some fancy pants on when you throw in one or two flavored cubes.

You will need

Ice Cube trays ( any will do – I used extra large ones – as I do like a cold drink with lots of ice !!!)

Lemon Juice – I use a little water but not much

A sprig or two of mint per cube tray ( i use the whole leaf as i think its pretty but feel free to blend chop or tear the mint )

I use a nice deep cube tray – this one you can buy through Amazon

Step 1. Pour yourself a drink – this is hard work !

Step 2. Squeeze your lemons

Step 3. Add mint to bottom of ice cube trays – you can also add a slice of the lemon rind as well if you are feeling really dangerous!

Step 4. Add water to lemon to desired taste – personally I used mostly lemon and little water as I had plenty of lemons.

Step 5. You must have finished your first drink by now – pour youself another add some lemons & mint – you have plenty !

Step 6. Freeze ( not you – the ice ! )

Step 7. I make a big batch of the lemon and water ( if using water ) and leave in the fridge – as soon as the first lot are frozen I place in a zip lock and leave in the freezer. I use the pre squeezed and water mix to straight away make the second batch – its a production line !

Chin Chin – bottoms up !

So there you have it designer cubes in your Plant Specialists garden !

Ta da!!! oh my goodness you are a mixologist !