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Grahame Hubbard

Grahame Hubbard


Grahame’s circuitous route to becoming one of the principals of Plant Specialists began in his youth when he received payment in orchids from an elderly minister for weeding his greenhouse. These wildly exotic and brilliant flowers piqued the interest of Grahame’s parents, who began cultivating their own varieties of orchids including spider, butterfly, tiger and lady slipper orchids.

It was during Grahame’s years as a chef in Auckland, New Zealand that he would meet his future business partner and long-time friend, Philip Roche. 

Grahame and Philip immediately recognized that they share a passion for uncompromising standards, a commitment to exceeding expectations and a conviction that one’s word is a bond stronger than any contract.

Grahame carried these principles with him to Canada where, in eight short years, he transformed Flight Centre travel agency from one shop into 65 thriving storefront locations. Still to date an unprecedented success in the Canadian market.