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Philip Roche

Philip Roche


Philip’s voice at Plant Specialists is easy to identify – and, no, it’s not just the Kiwi accent. His is the one repeatedly calling for (okay, insisting on) an even higher standard of client service… the one that contends that excellence only matters when delivered with complete consistency.

Prior to becoming a company owner in 2004, Philip spent ten years at Plant Specialists, progressing to head of both sales and design. That’s not a traditional pairing -- but it is reflective of his philosophy that creative vision and client service shouldn’t live at opposite ends of an org chart.

Philip honed his craft during four years at the Wellington Botanical Gardens, the Otari Native Plant Museum, and, later, through additional study in Australia.

At a young 19, while still in school, he made his first foray into landscape design and contracting: His company grew into one of New Zealand’s most respected, with clients in Wellington, Auckland and in between. Chances are you’ve already admired his work. Gardens designed and captained by Philip, both residential and commercial, dot the city.

His clientele includes many New York’s boldface names: celebrities, designers and business leaders unaccustomed to compromise.
His installations have been published and praised in Architectural Digest, Vogue, The New York Times, Avenue, Garden Design, Bon Appetit, The Guardian and many more.