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Would ya look at that !

Enjoying warm air and cold wine

One of the many e mails I have gotten from the blog ( aside from i really really want to live in that pad ) is what are the views like from the roof of Manhattan. Well at Plant Specialists – our designers get to perch on those boughs in the sky and look across […]

Fast Forward Spring Video by Zack

Spring Flowers

Thank you to Zack Katzin and Ra-ey Saleh who put together this phenomenal fast forward look at Spring 2019 – Zack taped this over many hours and Ra-ey then edited it down to what you see and also added the music – well done guys – I think it is amazing !!! – nature is […]

Sweet little Pansy

Hello Sweet Pansylicous

So with the Corona Virus keeping you all at home – you have been keeping me busy with gardening questions ! ( keep them coming !!)Someone was telling me the other day that his wife had cancelled their vacation to Europe, was avoiding crowds at the mall and was not going to restaurants so as […]

Springing into Spring

Spring !!

Oh my goodness – you can almost hear the plants getting ready to burst forth in a joyous symphony to Spring – are you ready for it ? Yes its a month too early but we are getting ready here at Plant Specialists! Our garden design team has many trucks full of Spring annuals on […]

A flying couch !

Rooftop Furniture

Yes that is a big concern with furniture on a rooftop or for that matter anything that is not hefty in weight( hold comments please – i have been known to budge in minor hurricanes !!!! ) or tied down. We recommend furniture that is of a decent weight, umbrellas need to be put down […]

Tree Pit or Brad Pitt…

Spring tree pit planting

While side walks in New York are narrow and can be tricky maneuvering between dogs on leashes, strollers, dog doo doo, chalk drawings, sidewalk sales and the odd nutter or two extolling the virtues of commitment to – well a commitment to almost anything ! You will most likely notice all of these things as […]