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There’s a Hole in the Bucket Dear Liza – Maintaining Your Garden Drainage

04/12/2016 by Plant Specialists
Pipes Under Paving. J P G

There’s nothing more exciting than having your roof top garden fill with water and transform into a mini Central Park Reservoir.  Supers and  Board members will certainly be the first to come feed the ducks!  Garden drains are often forgotten as they lay quietly below your decking and paving collecting all the beautiful trinkets of seasons past.  All the leaves, needles, flowers and soil in your garden ultimately succumb to gravity and end up below your feet where they clog the endless...

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Spring has sprung - and flowers can cure your winter doldrums

03/31/2016 by Plant Specialists
\' Viola X Wittrockiana    Blue

Has the chill of winter spoiled your mood long enough?  Are you tired of looking at the brown dirt in your garden beds and planters?   The first few days of warmth that permeate the city air bring a renewed sense of hope that spring is near.  You may happen upon a single crocus peeking through the ground or perhaps a group of narcissus sparkling in the dappled sunlight along the block.  You may think to yourself, I need some colorful spring flowers in my garden!   Spring flowers are some...

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Choosing the Right Fertilizer

05/13/2014 by Plant Specialists

Before you buy or use fertilizer, read the instructions on the packet to make sure it is what you want. Plants can only take up nutrients in a solution, so always water after feeding. · Vegetables need a general fertilizer, such as blood, fish, and bone, applied before planting or sowing.· Fruiting crops, such as tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, and peppers, appreciate an application of liquid tomato fertilizer about once every two or three weeks.· Permanent plants, especially fruit trees or...

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05/06/2014 by Plant Specialists
Photo 4. P N G

Pink, small, and punctual,Aromatic, low,Covert in April,Candid in May, Dear to the moss,Known by the knoll,Next to the robinIn every human soul.Bold little beauty,Bedecked with thee,Nature forswearsAntiquity. May - Flower, from Emily Dickinson's HerbariumIt is not widely known that American poet Emily Dickinson was a practiced gardener before she became an accomplished poet. When she was 11, Dickinson wrote of helping her mother tend the annuals and perennials in their cottage...

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How to Group Plants

04/29/2014 by Plant Specialists
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Your choice of plants and their grouping and arrangement should reflect the garden style you are trying to create. A traditional approach for a border design is to line plants up in order of size, with the largest at the back and smallest at the front; beds work in a similar way with plants of ever-decreasing sizes fanning out from the tallest in the middle. Modernists have adopted a different approach, and use blocks of a single species to mirror Cubist paintings. English-garden designs...

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