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Understanding Plant Functions

04/15/2014 by Plant Specialists
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The right plants, flowers and other greenery can make all the difference in achieving the feel you are seeking when you walk into your garden space. To create an exciting garden design, combine a range of plants with contrasting structures, textures, and forms. You can also produce a specific look, such as a contemporary or English style, simply by using specific plants or grouping them in a particular way. Before planning a planting design, take time to compile a list of your favorite...

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Growing Fruit Plants in Containers

04/08/2014 by Plant Specialists
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For a large percentage of our client base in Manhattan, space can often be an issue in their gardening plans, but don't think for a second that limited outdoor space should preclude you from growing and enjoying your own delicious fresh fruit. If you crave fresh, homegrown fruit picked ripe from the plant, consider growing fruit in containers at home. Even if your garden is already crammed full of plants or your yard consists of a tiny patio with limited space, there are a variety of...

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Starting Your Rooftop Garden Plan

04/01/2014 by Plant Specialists
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So you have structured your dream rooftop garden in your mind, and now it is time to clear the path for implementation. Knowing where to begin can be a daunting task, so here are a few tips to help get you on your way to building your own little piece of green urban paradise. 1. Check with your builder or contractor to see if your roof can hold the pressure of the soil, containers etc. 2. Take safety measures by installing fences and miniature shelters in order to protect the plants from...

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Tulip Mania!

03/19/2014 by Plant Specialists
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The Tulip Bulb Mania was the rapid rising in price of the tulip bulbs that had just been introduced into Holland. During the Tulip Bulb Mania people throughout Holland were speculating with tulip bulbs trying to make a profit. During the Tulip Bulb Mania the bulbs were traded on local market exchanges. People traded everything for these bulbs. They never intended to plant the bulbs. They were purchased with the intention of selling them again for a higher price. Property, animals and money...

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03/11/2014 by Plant Specialists
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This week's post is the third and final on the topic of spring bulb planting. If you have not read the previous two on soil preperation and planting you may want to check them out before reading this post.Problems: Bulbs generally get few problems.  If bulbs are not growing, but rotting, the soil may be too wet.  If rodents or mammals (deer, chipmunks, skunks) are a problem, it may be necessary to cover the beds with fine mesh wire to prevent them from digging out the bulbs. A whole bed of...

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