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Going Wild with Indoor plant Containers


So you have decided ( wisely ) to add to the beauty ( or distract from the mess lol ) of your indoor space with a beautiful indoor plant ( we will cover choices of plants next week ) This week lets talk containers! We love to scour flea markets, Etsy, E bay, garage sales, […]

What is involved in Craning in NYC


So you have a fabulous plan in place ( hopefully done by the talented team at Plant Specialists ) you have building approval, your friends are green with envy at the space you are creating – then you realize that your trees and furniture are not going to fit in that service elevator What to […]

Winter bud damage


Dormancy In the fall, plant cells dehydrate and become inactive; this is what we call “dormancy”. Foliage and flowering buds which formed during the growing season will also stay quiet unless acted upon by an increase in temperature and humidity.  In late winter and early spring, the temperature may increase causing cells to gain water […]

Warm winter days – should I water ?


Yes you should – climate change is giving us indicators that the seasons are changing. Winters are having warmer periods – like the one that New York is experiencing right now. So yes water your plants! Our advice would not be to reactivate your watering system as you will run the risk of burst pipes […]

Winter and your garden


Ok – its no longer coming – winter is here! if you have a roof top garden or a balcony garden space, your temperatures are around 5 degrees colder in Winter and around 5 degrees warmer in Summer. At this point your irrigation system should be turned off and all of the pipes “blown out” […]

Spring Bulbs are Just Around the Corner Part 2


If you have not read last weeks post on soil preparation you may want to before delving into this week’s topic, planting. Planting: In light, sandy soils, bulbs may be planted by the dibble method: Make a small hole in the soil with a short, pointed stick; place the bulb in the soil; and after pressing the bulb […]

Spring Bulbs are Just Around the Corner Part 3


This week’s post is the third and final on the topic of spring bulb planting. If you have not read the previous two on soil preperation and planting you may want to check them out before reading this post.Problems: Bulbs generally get few problems.  If bulbs are not growing, but rotting, the soil may be too wet.  If rodents or […]

Spring Bulbs are Just Around the Corner


Spring is finally within sight and ready to bring in tow the beautiful bursts of color supplied by spring bulbs! If your property is dull and in need of a spring refresh call the experts at Plant Specialists! Our next three blog posts will detail best practices for growing spectacular bulbs, beginning this week with […]