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Root 66 - A Simple Way to Keep Your Garden Scenic

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The life of a container plant can be a lush and scenic road or a sad, depressing one.  Container plants by nature do not have the ability to spread their roots and continually soak up the nutrients offered by boundless earth.  Plants in general use up a large volume of soil (about twice their width and at least 24” deep).  Roots evolved this way to ensure that they obtain enough water and minerals to enable them to keep the plant healthy and looking its best.  Trees in containers suffer the most as their trunks and limbs weaken and they become more susceptible to insects and disease.  One way you might visually notice this lack of nutrients is that leaves get smaller, pale or yellowish and plants tend to produce fewer flowers as well as leaves.  


How do you know whether your plants need a root prune?  

If the soil in your planter is compacted and you’re unable to stick your finger into it or you notice that the plant has slowed in growth or is producing fewer flowers and leaves you should consider a root prune.  We recommend beginning this process on the second year after initial planting and then performing a root prune every year in spring for evergreens and twice a year for deciduous plants. 


Our solution: Root Pruning

Root pruning is accomplished by removing a column of soil in the planter, carefully cutting through the plant’s roots to do so and avoiding wires, cables and irrigation lines.  This ‘cut\\\' promotes new root growth and creates a space for fresh soil replacement.  The replacement soil we use is independently developed in house and contains; new top soil, fertilizers, a rooting hormone, beneficial microorganisms, trace elements and other soil goodies.  This crossroads of science and magic gives your plant the gift of life and in return, it can better provide that scenic road you long to travel through your garden. 


Call us for a consultation and let one of our Plant Specialists help pave that scenic road.


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