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Roses Are Red

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If a rose signifies beauty and a garden is supposed to be beautiful, should your garden have roses?

Roses are exquisite flowers that have been cultivated throughout civilization and have come to symbolize many things for numerous societies including: love and beauty, faith and honor, balance and wisdom.  For their myriad meanings, they also come in countless shapes, heights, colors and fragrances but one thing that is common among all of them is that they require a lot of attention!  If you are looking to incorporate roses into your rooftop garden or terrace, first decide what type of rose is right for you.

Floribunda is a popular group of roses in that it is constantly producing an abundance of flowers and is moderately easy to care for.  They are great in mass plantings for a large swath of color and make good container plants as well.  Grandiflora is another well-known group which was quite popular in the mid-20th century when the “Queen Elizabeth rose” was introduced.  This group is not as fragrant as the floribundas but because of its large blooms and tall stems, is great for cutting.  If you’re looking for a rose for your trellis or pergola, ‘climbers’ create the perfect coverage but be careful, these thorny plants need to be trained and tied to their structures and generally have a once per season blooming habit.  Miniatures and minis are perfect for little feature pots on your terrace or window boxes and can often be taken inside and used as house plants. 

Considering their delicate nature, roses are extremely cold hardy but very susceptible to insects and disease.  Should you find the right rose for the right spot however, it could thrive for years!  Don’t hesitate to call us and set up a consultation with one of our specialists and find the right rose for you: 718-392-9404.

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