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Spring has sprung - and flowers can cure your winter doldrums

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Has the chill of winter spoiled your mood long enough?  Are you tired of looking at the brown dirt in your garden beds and planters?   The first few days of warmth that permeate the city air bring a renewed sense of hope that spring is near.  You may happen upon a single crocus peeking through the ground or perhaps a group of narcissus sparkling in the dappled sunlight along the block.  You may think to yourself, I need some colorful spring flowers in my garden!


Spring flowers are some of the hardiest flowers around.  They are incredibly tolerant of the change in seasons, withstanding early spring snows and the remaining blasts of winter winds.  Crocuses come first with daffodils and hellebores to follow.  They are succeeded by a mix of tulips and hyacinth which produce huge bursts of color and replenish our weary souls.


There are many other spring flowers called annuals.  Annuals are planted each year at the start of a season and only last for that season.  Pansies are incredibly robust and can be mass planted to create a carpet of color in planters, garden beds and street tree pits, as are primrose and calendula.  There is nothing like spring flowers by your building’s front entrance filling the morning air with fragrance and providing that pop of color you need to start your day.


Our solution: 

Call us for an instant burst of spring color and hang up those winter doldrums!


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