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The Grass is Always Greener - Synthetic Lawns in Urban Gardens

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Green lawns are part of the American dream.  New York City terraces and rooftops have long been void of these amenities as grass generally needs lots of nutrient rich soil and a bounty of care including a lawn mower.  For those of you who have both the space and resources to procure this amenity,Plant Specialists can absolutely provide you with an emerald green roof.  For those who are looking for something a bit more maintenance free - the grass will always be greener - when you use synthetic lawn!


How has synthetic lawn changed?

‘Synthetic Lawn’ or ‘AstroTurf’, usually conjures images of a lime green football field or perhaps some woven plastic on a bad chain link fence.  An increasing demand for a better quality ‘grass\\\'  has made way for a new generation of synthetic lawns.   Companies now take into consideration new safety and health criteria when designing their products and have begun incorporating an organic infill, in lieu of rubber, for securing blades, maintaining ballast and for fall protection.  In addition, they use varying tones of green and other natural colors to replicate the look and feel of natural grass and the end result, especially in the winter, is a great product that is always greener!


What are some ways to incorporate synthetic lawn into terrace design?

In recent years, more and more homeowners have begun incorporating synthetic lawn into their garden designs for a variety of reasons and in creative ways.  It is great for creating soft, cool and safe areas for children to play or perhaps a spot for family pets to go.  It can be used to define spaces like a lounge area from a dining area or simply to break up large zones of paving or decking.  Alternatively, it can span an entire space or easily be retrofitted to a smaller area surrounded by existing flooring.   There is no need for cutting, fertilizing or watering and it is easily hosed off with no loss of soil.


Live the dream, call us for a consultation to determine how you might make your rooftop or terrace greener!


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