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Coming out of Quarantine

Its kind of like that first dip in the Ocean in Summer, you step out all pasty and white, you tentatively dip your toe into the waves as they creep and foam up the beach. Your face is a grimace as you don’t really know what to expect, you jump ( maybe even squeal ) […]

Trees on terraces

I have had a couple of questions over the past few weeks on giving some tips for trees on terraces. So pour yourself a glass of wine or two and here goes ! You need to start by asking yourself what you are looking to achieve and to also consider some of the conditions of […]

Corona Virus 4th Blog

Garden Care

Its hard to believe when you look out of the window in the morning – with the sun streaming, the birds singing and the garden exploding with color and that beautiful lime green hue that only shows its nose in Spring, that all of this nightmare could possibly be going on. The streets of New […]