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It’s when an organism adjusts to a change in its environment in order to survive. When dealing with INDOOR FOLIAGEPLANTS this becomes most apparent to anyone whom recently purchased one !Most indoor house plants sold in the northeastern US are grown in shade houses in Florida. A land of abundant sunshine,warmth and humidity. When placed […]


Nope, we are not talking about the Broadway show (or the movie for that matter), but if you want to read and sing along to“Aquarius” knock yourself out!.Hairs in Botany are called Trichomes ( Greek). They come in every size, shape and color imaginable. Some have glands in their tips and others at their base, […]

WHAT gender is that flower in the window?

Modern plants (Angiosperms) create flowers as a way of expressing their sexual reproduction. These vary immensely intheir shape, color, size, and even pertinent parts! Primitive plants – ferns, mosses and conifers do not produce flowers.We say a flower is “complete” when it has all the parts necessary for reproduction. They are also called “bisexual” or“hermaphroditic”. […]

Going Wild with Indoor plant Containers


So you have decided ( wisely ) to add to the beauty ( or distract from the mess lol ) of your indoor space with a beautiful indoor plant ( we will cover choices of plants next week ) This week lets talk containers! We love to scour flea markets, Etsy, E bay, garage sales, […]