Ok – its no longer coming – winter is here! if you have a roof top garden or a balcony garden space, your temperatures are around 5 degrees colder in Winter and around 5 degrees warmer in Summer. At this point your irrigation system should be turned off and all of the pipes “blown out” (drained of water that can freeze and split your irrigation pipes causing flooding )

Your Perennials should be cut back, grasses cut back, Hydrangeas can be left if you like the look of the dried flower heads in the garden over winter (personally we love them and we prune them back very late in Winter or early in Spring – before the leaves start to bud )

Because your garden is asleep does not mean that it can’t be a beautiful backdrop to all of your holiday events. At Plant Specialists we decorate planters, window boxes and tree pits ( area around street trees see image ) with cut evergreen branches and cones or berries to add some protection for the roots of the trees from the winter weather, and to give it a lovely wintery feel from inside your home.

Most of our gardens are on rooftops in Manhattan and can be very exposed to high winds – especially in winter with very little greenery to buffer high winds – so we pin our greens and cones in with U pins ( very reasonably priced and available at all good hardware stores