So you have a fabulous plan in place ( hopefully done by the talented team at Plant Specialists ) you have building approval, your friends are green with envy at the space you are creating – then you realize that your trees and furniture are not going to fit in that service elevator

What to do what to do!!

Craning is an expensive and time consuming option – although just the concept of closing down a street ( or half of a street ) in one of the busiest cities in the world you already have an inkling that this would be the case .

Who do you need to get permission from – the building needs to give you permission to crane and they will have many rules to abide by to protect the building, other tenants and pedestrians.

The city needs to issue you a permit to close down a portion of the street – and it will be time specific – usually by the half day – and most likely on a weekend when there is less traffic to be disrupted.

The crane companies book months in advance so before booking a day with your building availability with the craning company is worth checking as well.

The building will want insurance certificates – and you should want them as well. This is dangerous work, the professional craning companies do it each and every day – but things can go wrong – a storm, heavy gust of wind etc all play havoc with the best of plans.

Bring as much up in one go as you can – if you are craning for the interior of the apartment then crane the hard goods, tall trees, furniture, pergola outdoor kitchen etc at the same time – you don’t want to be doing this twice!! – even if the start of the garden is a long way out a lot of the garden can sit and wait – especially the hard goods !

Avoid days where there a large public events such as parades or marathons that close large portions of access in and out of the city. Even though the event may not pass your building it will affect access from outside of the city to your building.