So you have decided ( wisely ) to add to the beauty ( or distract from the mess lol ) of your indoor space with a beautiful indoor plant ( we will cover choices of plants next week )

This week lets talk containers! We love to scour flea markets, Etsy, E bay, garage sales, stoop giveaways ( if you live in Brooklyn you will know what I am referring to !! ) or even the odd dumpster dive can produce comment worthy containers for your plants to live in.( and a great story as to how you came to acquire it )

Here is the criteria for your search – it needs drainage or the roots of your new living Bestie ( who never disagrees or talks back ) will rot if sitting in standing water. It needs to be sealed so that water does not run all over the place and make a mess of your apartment or whatever piece of furniture it is sitting on

We created these cutie pies using Kid Robot “Munny” Robots, they are 7″ tall – we then lopped off the top of their heads ( off with their heads ) sealed them with silicone waterproof sealer – allow them to dry overnight – filled them with light weight organic soil – and planted a selection of succulents all tiny in 2″ pots – they are CUTE right !!!

The Tonka truck we stole from some poor child in the playground …………….. ( Kidding we bought it on E bay!!!! ) – sealed the back of it with silicone (same as the Robot ) allowed to dry overnight then filled with succulents.

Currently we are using the following

  • plastic dinosaurs
  • Wooden salad bowls
  • Ice Buckets ( perfect as they come with a liner – no silicone )
  • old bricks with a great Patina
  • Old tin cookie or tea containers

Have fun with it and if you come up with something really unique make sure you fill us in as we love new ideas at Plant Specialists