Indeed we do !

We have not had wood in stock for the last two years as our supplier wandered into the woods one day axe in hand and never returned ……

However after many calls and wood suppliers who sent in samples we finally have a supplier that we love. She hails from Vermont and provides us with kiln dried mixed hardwood.

It is 16″ split hardwood and burns beautifully.

So what is kiln dried firewood and why kiln dried you ask

So hear you go – by kiln drying the wood you destroy any bugs that we don’t want to spread from one area of the country to the other.

Seasoned wood is not kiln dried wood – seasoned wood has sat outside and dried naturally – it sounds lovely but you don’t want to bring it into your home as any bugs that are living in the wood will now be living in your home – or on your home depending what sort of bugs they are ( think termites ). In 2015 Mayor Bill de Blasio passed law stating that wood burning logs cannot have a moisture content of more than 20% to make sure of lower emissions

It burns hotter and puts out less smoke shame that we cant say that about a few of our politicians!!!