Yes indeed is the answer to that – we have had everything from families of ducks nesting high above Central Park on the 33rd floor of a building. Robins with their powdery blue eggs

Butterflies and bees are always regular visitors and very welcome ones at that ! We plant lots of flowering plants that attract these amazing workers to the garden for without them we will be in pretty big trouble as these pollinators are responsible for most of our essential foods.

Here are a few plants that are great for attracting butterflies & bees to your garden – all of them are perennial – so you will enjoy them for years to come

Bee Balm or Monarda didyma

Black eyed Susan -or Rudbeckia

Black Eyed Susan or Rudbeckia

Butterfly Bush or Buddleia davidii – comes in multiple colors and loves to be cut back hard at the end of the season

Butterfly’s love Buddleia ( foreground )

Cardinal flower or Lobelia cardinalis

Milkweed ore Asclepias

New England Aster or Aster novae-angliae

There are also many annuals that butterfly’s and Bees adore

Here are a few

Aster, Cosmos, Dahlia, Geranium or Pelargonium, Heliotrope or Heliotropium, Impatiens, Lantana, Pentas, Verbena