Do you remember going to a friends place as a kid and their parents would have blue Astro turf around the raised hot tub or even up the wall – ohhhh yes you do – your platform shoes and your floral shirt with big old collar lol – it wasn’t that long ago!!!

We’ve come a long long way since then – i remember sitting with a friend of mine on Chelsea Piers here in Manhattan – or at least one of the piers in that area – we were watching the kids play with some friends and our conversation turned to landscaping and synthetic lawn – he was like – “no way not for me if it ‘aint real I wouldn’t want it “

I’m like – “you realize we are sitting on it “

And we were – this lovely lovely lawn we were sitting on was completely synthetic – small rocks and pebbles had been brushed into it so it felt like you were sitting on a lovely well kept little rolling hill. ( he was gobsmacked)

Synthetic lawn also breaks up an area – giving a nice contrast to a large paved or decked area.

Do we use it on our terraces – absolutely ! it looks amazing it feels incredible and to put lawn on a rooftop is a constant challenge and a constant expense. Actual real lawn needs 8-10 inches of soil below it to give it a fighting chance, mowing on a rooftop is an issue ( you don’t want something flying over the edge of a terrace as it is hit with a lawn mower.

How spectacular is this little urban oasis

Pop up sprinklers need to be installed to ensure correct coverage for irrigation, they constantly need to be fertilized, seeded & aerated – a synthetic lawn can be a little expensive to install ( think synthetic lawn not Astro turf – unless of course you are going for that 70’s vibe thing – if so bring on the disco ball ) however once it is in place it needs a shampoo once or twice a year and a vacuum every now and again – and then voila !!!! – Your rooftop lawn is back and looking good !!!

Synthetic lawn – gives a nice even coverage – never browns and feels great !