Yes – indeed we do – if you have had the opportunity to visit the Plant Specialists head office you will have seen the spectacular location that we refer to as HQ ( cue Batman music – na na na na na )

Yes peeps this is our view – jealous much ?

Plant Specialists has been greening New York City for almost 50 years. Our talented team of landscape designers have worked on many of the cities most established gardens.

We originally started in Manhattan in 1974 with husband and wife team Dagny and Tim Du Val – can you believe that ! its incredible for any business to survive in this city but for 50 years !!

Plant Specialists custom made Pergolas and planter boxes are on the rooftop of Plant Specialists office.

In 1974 through until the late 1980’s we were located in Manhattan – story goes that Tim and Dagny even had chickens on their rooftop garden – much to the dismay of their neighbors. It was Tim and Dagny’s vision in the late 80’s ( I’m seeing disco balls, bell bottom jeans sunflower shades …… I digress) to move to our current location in Long Island City

We started 50 years ago as an interior plants company – look at us know with a full team of landscape designers specializing in green roofs, green walls – interiors and exteriors

At that point Long Island City was a scary destination – the likes of Amazon were clambering to stay away from Long Island City let alone move an entire empire there ! The area was nothing like it is now and nor was the location that we are in now.

Now that is a green wall ! English ivy covers 6 of the chimney stacks in our building

Our oasis rests on the corner of 43rd Avenue and Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City – we share our location with several amazing businesses – the main one being The Foundry which is a function and event space run by the talented Alison Du Val and her amazing team ( Tim and Dagny’s daughter ) who produce incredible events, weddings, film shoots – you name it they do it.

The wine warehouse is also over here and the team at Michael Davis glass blowing studio – it really is a spectacular space – and one that we love to show off. So if you are in the area – and you have a bottle of wine that you would like to share …….

Our gardeners and garden design team work in this wonderful green oasis with New York City as our backdrop !

We have been gardening at our HQ for thirty plus years – my my my how time flies !

Many weddings are held in our courtyard with a wonderful green wall back drop and the city standing guard behind us !