You want your terracotta planter to look like it has seen many Tuscan summers. Terracotta is un-glazed, typically brownish – red earthenware from Italy.

What you most likely have is a brand new ( no signs of Tuscan Summers ) shiny Terracotta planter. Well here is a trick that will help age your pot beautifully. So grab a glass of wine and a pot of yogurt and lets get started !

The beautiful patina on this planter add rustic antique charm to any garden setting.

Aged terracotta planters subdue the bright orange/ red look of a new planter and give a garden an aged elegance.

All you need is some plain ( full fat ) yogurt (no dieting for these guys !) a dry foam paint brush and of course your terracotta pot. Make sure you go for the un-glazed pot as it will not work on a glazed planter. It needs the porous un-glazed terracotta to work. The final effect will be a greeny blue patina. Think Statue of Liberty, or an aged copper roof.

See the source image
This Dannon yogurt will work perfectly ! Full fat and plain !

These foam brushes are available at Michaels.

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Plain un-glazed terracotta pot – also from Michaels but you can pick up anywhere

Soak your new terracotta pot in water for at least 15 minutes, at Plant Specialists, we completely submerge the pot for a few hours to ensure a really good soak. Take your tub of yogurt and brush the yogurt on liberally all over the planter ( usually this is the time I reach for a second glass of wine !) Slop it on !! make it thicker in some areas and thin in others, the un-eveness of it will result in a more natural look in the end. You dont need to do the inside.

Leave it sit for a month or two. Usually leave it somewhere shady.

Note to self – don’t do this inside the house! it will stink and will attract bugs out for a yogurt fiesta !

This is coat one, I normally do three or four coats some areas so thick that it is like 1/2 an inch thick.

Your planter will look better and better over time, fertilizers and water will continue to add to its beauty. Good luck – send us some pictures of your creations !