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The myth, or so I have heard, is that garden gnomes come to life in the dark of the night and get all of those nasty jobs in the garden done – that you leave until the very last thing or if you are smart you call The Plant Specialists team in and we do it for you !

Doesn’t look like this guy has been doing too many of those nasty jobs – maybe I should write a list !

So what is the story with these cute ( sometimes scary ) critters – well here are some interesting facts for you.

You don’t find many of them in Plant Specialists garden designs – I’m just saying ……

The look on his face kind of says it all !

Small statues began appearing in the early 1600’s in European gardens. But the gnome that we know today as the garden Gnome appeared in the mid to late 1800’s in Germany.

If he was pouring a drink – he might be a little more convincing.

The Garden gnome in Germany is called “Gartenzwerg” which translates to “garden dwarf” ( also translates to a few previous dates I have had)

This is one of the three little pigs – but when I photographed them in Australia there was only two left – maybe that wolf got lucky !

There are 25 Million garden gnomes in Germany today – what the what ! Most garden gnomes that used to be manufactured in Germany are now made in Poland and China.

Number two of the three little pigs ! his calling out to his missing brother I think.

The largest garden gnome in the world is in Poland and it is 18 ft tall – surely that would make it a garden giant and not a garden gnome !

This little dude looks so smug – if i was a garden gnome this would be me lol

Darling if you don’t like garden gnomes – you are considered a garden snob – uhuh you know who you are – own it !lol

I’m not even going to ask – feel free to caption this one in your head

Gnoming is the practice of stealing gnomes as a prank. In France the “Garden Gnome Liberation Front” would “free” garden gnomes from forced labor by sending them back into the wild or by sending them on trips around the world.

This is how I feel most mornings bewildered and in need of a trip !

The travelling gnome prank involves a stolen gnome being photographed in front of famous places and then sending photographs back to the owner, The Eifel Tower, Statue of Liberty, The White House or The Sydney Harbor bridge! The trick is to take the gnome from someone that you don’t know at all. Returning the gnome after his trip is always a nice idea ! And lots of photographs from lots of places is a must.

Hello from all over the world !

Each year the Inman Park festival in Atlanta, Georgia, marchers dress as garden gnomes to try and break The Guinness World Record of the most marching gnomes. Britain currently holds the world record with 478 marching gnomes ! – I would have thought it would have been Germany with 25 million of them living there!