In my top three favorite spring flowers is Scilla siberica – Siberian squill.


Bluest blue flowers !


And since my favorite color is blue (cerulean blue and especially a sky blue) this spring flowering bulb rules !  Looking from afar at planter full of Scilla is like looking at the sky!  Caerulum – Latin “caelum” = heaven or sky.


Cerulean blue sea !

Also known as wood squill it is a native of southern Russian and northern Turkey – not Siberia ! They pop up in early spring and come back every year –  the bulbs multiply as well.  Because we at Plant Specialists use them only on rooftop gardens there is less concern about they becoming wild or invasive.  If planted in ground be prepared to have them show up everywhere – they are prolific seeders.


What a fantastic view of blue !


Bulbs sends up many stems topped with dainty blue parasols. They are one of nature’s purest blues. Only 4” tall, the flowers make an impact with quantity, not size. Scilla blooms early (like crocuses) and the foliage fades after flowering. A good choice for planting under shrubs, at the base of trees, or even right in a lawn.


It even has blue pollen !



Stunning !

If your garden is plagued by rabbits, chipmunks, voles or deer, you’ll be happy to know that these pests usually ignore scilla bulbs and flowers. We usually don’t have those in NYC rooftop gardens but I would also keep the kids and pets away from them as they contain irritants.


One of my favorite cerulean blue paintings by Van Gogh !



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Article written by our Staff Horticulturist, Peter B Morris, BSc, MSc, MBA

All photographs used with permission @SHUTTERSTOCK