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Grubs   Grubs are the immature larvae of various species of beetles:  There are endless species of them. This is a mostly invisible pest – living its life cycle in the soil for most of the season.   Grubs of different species tend to look similar except for their overall size   The Adult Beetles […]


WHAT IS THAT !   Fungal blisters on apple leaf   As the summer progresses into fall gardeners start noticing these blisters on their apple tree leaves.  It’s a fungus !!! This disease is one of several caused by the genus Gymnosporangium. Its called Cedar Apple Rust.   Life cycle on broadleaf plants   The […]


NO… this is not about cauliflower !  Cauliflory is an evolutionary adaptation in which flowers and fruit develop directly from the trunks and woody branches of plants.   Cauliflory means “ stem flower”.  It occurs in a distinct vertical zone below the forest canopy.  Its found throughout  the world.  It is most prevalent in the […]

How families can waste less food (The Washington...

How families can waste less food     Jenna Knauss, a 35-year-old mother of twin 9-year-old girls, says she came up with “every excuse in the book” when trying to reduce household waste. “I think I can speak for most parents when I say that my biggest fear was adding one more thing to our […]