I worked for the longest time with a remarkable man who could really do anything he put his mind to ( don’t you hate people like that ) I mean if he had an interest in it – then he was great at it – quite annoying really


Anywho ( I say that as he is Canadian )

He makes these to die for pickled Jalapeño’s ( once you make them you will never eat store bought again )


So here we go

David’s – ” I can do anything that I put my mind to pickled Jalapenos “


Slice up Jalapeños – David says about a 1/4″ thick and don’t remove any of the seeds ( if you cant handle the heat – remove some of the seeds )  enough to fill three jars – see above

Slice up some garlic – I used 8 cloves – but you could use more or less depending on your taste ( or your fear of vampires )

Bring a pot of 1.5 cups of water and 1.5 cups of white vinegar to boil.  ( that wasn’t hard )

Add a couple of teaspoons of sugar ( he uses Truvia as he is a bit like that – try keeping him away from a good martini though ! )

Add the Jalapeño, and the garlic to the pot.

Shut off the pot and let sit for ten minutes.

Pack the Jalapeños and garlic into sterilized jars – do I have to tell you everything !( see below )


To sterilize jars – give them a good wash and place them in the over at like 350 for ten minutes or so! 

Pour in the liquid – almost to the top.

Screw on the lids and let cool on the Kitchen counter for a couple of hours.

If you are using proper canning jars and the lid forms a seal – you can store them in the pantry. If not store them in the fridge – they will last for months.


Tip – wear protection ! – gloves when cutting up the Jalapeños – they will get in your eyes! I promise wash everything well after cutting.


Recipe from David Gallie at www.5anddime.ca – check him out for amazing upcycled treasures and killer Jalapeños!