The Iowa State University Department of Entomology recently presented the results of a study on common catnip. They concluded that an essential oil in catnip is very effective at repelling mosquitoes.  When placed in a garden, small doses of catnip oil were 10 times more effective than DEET.

While the researchers don’t know why mosquitoes don’t like catnip oil, they do know it is a good repellent. The volatile oils from the plant diffuse into the air keeping the bugs away. Within a few years, we’ll probably see many safe, non-toxic mosquito repellents on the market made from catnip !

Meanwhile, why not grow some mosquito repellent of your own? This perennial herb is called Nepeta cataria.

Catnip !

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Closely related to ornamental catnip is catmint (Nepeta faassenii or Nepeta mussinii) with gentle blue flowers and masses of softly hairy, gray-green foliage. It prefers well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight too!


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written by our in house horticulturalist – Peter Morris BSc.MSc.MBA