Someone asked which are the best bugs to have in a garden.  Easy.  My two favorite bugs are lady beetles (ladybugs) and praying mantis.  The combo is fierce. Another great one, although most people don’t want them around – are wasps!   All three are carnivorous, and will eat their way through your garden’s pests every day!


If you don’t see any in your garden – we can purchase them in spring for you as either live insects or egg cases (mantis) and release them amongst your plants.  Many fly away, but many stay, and keep coming back every season.  Good to have !

Adult Ladybug Thank you The Spruce

           Eggs (on leaf underside)                                                 

           Thank you ThoughtCo

Larva ( Voracious ) – Thank you The Spruce

Pupa stage – thank you ladybug planet

Adult Praying Mantis  Thank you Wikipedia

Egg case on twig – thank you Thoughtco

Hatchlings – thank you The Fruit Fly Shop

Molting ( shedding old skin) – Thank you Project Noah

Wasp carving up caterpillar dinner for its young! Thank you Four String Farm

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our Garden Care team can get some mantis egg cases or live ladybugs for your garden.

No need with Wasps – they are everywhere !





Written by Peter Morris BSc.MSc.MBA