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Is that a fact !

When you think of Plant Specialists you think of unique terrace designs and installation, you think designer planters and organic plant health care ( well at least we hope you do ) – but being plant geeks we are fonts of fun useful knowledge ( well often useless but certainly fun ! )

When you think of plants, you think food or houseplants or even what you have growing in your back garden or your Plant Specialists designed rooftop garden. Did you know that there are 301 thousand species of plants and these are just the ones we know about !

We think plants we often think edible plants like these lovely leafy greens f=growing on a rooftop garden designed and tended by Plant Specialists

Here are a few fun facts

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world ! it can grow an incredible 3 ft in one day ( smaller caned varieties ) now that’s impressive. Did you know that there are 1500 species of bamboo!

This Bamboo is in a Plant Specialists designed rooftop garden. We are the number one planter design company in New York

Fact 2 – Did you  know that Tulips were more valuable than gold at one point !

The period was known as Tulip Mania and started in the early 1600’s – pretty amazing right !

Plant Specialists designed tree pit in Brooklyn – providing a designer garden service for New York City


Fact 3 – Did you  know that we consume over 100 billion bananas every year !


Well not you and I but in general the worlds population goes bananas over bananas !


Banana’s are treated as annuals in New York City by Plant Specialists – they are fast growing and we love to use them in a garden installation as they add an unusual element with those lovely leaves and trunks

Fact 4 Plant Specialists is the number one Landscape design, build and installation service in New York City – we have been greening New York City for 50 years !


Plant Specialists started its life doing interior plant services in New York City

Fact 5 The tallest living Plant in the world is the Coastal Redwood – reaching up to 375 ft in height ( now that is a big climb !) These beauties ( native to California ) can live up to 2000 years !

Fact 6 All carrots were purple or white – orange was a mutation – now when you buy your heirloom purple or white carrots – just remember they were eating them as far back as the 10th centuary!

See the source image
We have no images of a purple carrot grown in a Plant Specialists garden – so here is the next best thing – a cute bunny !!


Fact 7 Roses – the symbol of everything – beauty, death, friendship, sorrow you name it ! – Did you know that roses are not just the beautiful flowers you see


They also include in their family – Apples, cherries, strawberries and a lot of other berries as well. So next time you get a bunch you could say that is Berry Nice – thank you !

You don’t expect to see roses on a rooftop landscape. Planted in the right location they will thrive


Hope you enjoyed these facts – The rose for every occasion has me thinking – will put together an article on flowers and their meanings – come back and check it out