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Grubs   Grubs are the immature larvae of various species of beetles:  There are endless species of them. This is a mostly invisible pest – living its life cycle in the soil for most of the season.   Grubs of different species tend to look similar except for their overall size   The Adult Beetles […]


WHAT IS THAT !   Fungal blisters on apple leaf   As the summer progresses into fall gardeners start noticing these blisters on their apple tree leaves.  It’s a fungus !!! This disease is one of several caused by the genus Gymnosporangium. Its called Cedar Apple Rust.   Life cycle on broadleaf plants   The […]


NO… this is not about cauliflower !  Cauliflory is an evolutionary adaptation in which flowers and fruit develop directly from the trunks and woody branches of plants.   Cauliflory means “ stem flower”.  It occurs in a distinct vertical zone below the forest canopy.  Its found throughout  the world.  It is most prevalent in the […]


Introduction   Bark is the outermost layer of tissue on a mature plant. It is made mostly of dead rectangular cork cells that fit tightly together.  It is pretty much watertight! The bark on trees and shrubs is as distinctive and individual as the species that produce them.  Not surprising, there is a large variation […]