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Good Gourd!

Pumpkins Squashes and Gourds !!!!   Cucurbita (Latin for gourd) is a genus of herbaceous vines native to the Andes and Mesoamerica. They are grown worldwide for their edible fruit and seeds.  We grow many of these in our customers rooftop gardens!   The five domesticated species are Cucurbita argyrosperma, C. ficifolia, C. maxima, C. […]


TENT MAKERS   Summer has come to an end and some of us are looking forward to a cooler seasonal change.  Especially the tent making caterpillars !!!!!   Really scary picture of a tent caterpillar nest !   LIFECYCLE   This is a specialized sub group of butterflies and moths, the young (caterpillars) of this […]


Grubs   Grubs are the immature larvae of various species of beetles:  There are endless species of them. This is a mostly invisible pest – living its life cycle in the soil for most of the season.   Grubs of different species tend to look similar except for their overall size   The Adult Beetles […]


NO… this is not about cauliflower !  Cauliflory is an evolutionary adaptation in which flowers and fruit develop directly from the trunks and woody branches of plants.   Cauliflory means “ stem flower”.  It occurs in a distinct vertical zone below the forest canopy.  Its found throughout  the world.  It is most prevalent in the […]