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The Folklore and Magical side of BASIL …                       While most of us associate basil with Italian food, it is actually native to India and Southeast Asia. The earliest known reference stretches back 5,000 years to Indian Vedic texts. And true to its long history, it […]


People sweat to cool off, and plants do something similar. We call it transpiration. Thank you Freepik ! As summer heats up, some of the water drawn up through the roots exits the plant through pores – or stomata— which are in its leaves.  As it evaporates, heat is removed, providing a cooling effect.  However, […]

Oh No ! Spider mites !!

Thank you Utah Public Radio ! Summer arrived and so did the spider mites.  Which by the way like both indoor and outdoor plants. Even plants that are toxic to us seem to succumb!  Anything broad leaf, and in a warm, dry spot (garden or indoors), that has little to no air circulation is game. […]