Is that possible ?


Yes that is a big concern with furniture on a rooftop.  But for that matter it is true of anything that is not hefty in weight, bolted down, or tied to a wall !

We recommend furniture that is of a decent weight, either metal, stone or heavy wood.


A typical wrought iron frame with a thick glass or stone top is quite common.


A good rule of thumb is that furniture should be difficult for you to lift.  If it is not then it will be an easy toss over the side of the building when mother nature huffs and puffs at your terrace.  The heavier it is for you to move then the harder it will be for the wind to do so.



This sectional is bolted together at the base making it extremely difficult to blow over.  The garden care team at Plant Specialists clip all sectionals together to make it harder for the elements to move them.


Shades and umbrellas 


Shades should be fully retracted into their casing before you leave your terrace.  Strong winds can easily puff up a shade and rip it off the structure.

Umbrellas need to be put down after every use – there is no room for Mary Poppins moments in Manhattan- unless you are on Broadway !



Even as secure as this looks – umbrellas are the most likely to lift off in a gust of wind and should be retracted after every use.


For a windy forecast


In the event heavy wind is forecast bring in all light materials like pillows and cushions in from the terrace.  Lay over small side tables, and take the glass off of your larger – this could be laid flat on the ground.  Of course, the best location for any of these items is in a basement storage or inside your apartment.