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Root 66 - A Simple Way to Keep Your Garden Scenic

06/28/2016 by Plant Specialists
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The life of a container plant can be a lush and scenic road or a sad, depressing one.  Container plants by nature do not have the ability to spread their roots and continually soak up the nutrients offered by boundless earth.  Plants in general use up a large volume of soil (about twice their width and at least 24” deep).  Roots evolved this way to ensure that they obtain enough water and minerals to enable them to keep the plant healthy and looking its best.  Trees in containers suffer the...

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The Grass is Always Greener - Synthetic Lawns in Urban Gardens

06/28/2016 by Plant Specialists
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Green lawns are part of the American dream.  New York City terraces and rooftops have long been void of these amenities as grass generally needs lots of nutrient rich soil and a bounty of care including a lawn mower.  For those of you who have both the space and resources to procure this amenity,Plant Specialists can absolutely provide you with an emerald green roof.  For those who are looking for something a bit more maintenance free - the grass will always be greener - when you use...

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Roses Are Red

06/22/2016 by Plant Specialists
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If a rose signifies beauty and a garden is supposed to be beautiful, should your garden have roses? Roses are exquisite flowers that have been cultivated throughout civilization and have come to symbolize many things for numerous societies including: love and beauty, faith and honor, balance and wisdom.  For their myriad meanings, they also come in countless shapes, heights, colors and fragrances but one thing that is common among all of them is that they require a lot of attention!  If you...

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Throwing Shade: Design Elements for a Lower SPF

06/06/2016 by Plant Specialists
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Throwing Shade: Design Elements for a Lower SPF   While New York City rooftops are generally all about sun, you don’t have to be catty to throw some shade.  From pergolas and arbors to canopies and awnings, shade structures can be useful design elements for defining spaces, providing privacy or casting shade on your rooftop, terrace or backyard.   Shade structures are a great way to create an outdoor room, designate a dining or lounging area, or just to add allure to your garden. The...

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Why there is no such thing as a No Maintenance Garden

05/04/2016 by Plant Specialists
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We frequently get requests for a low maintenance garden.  While we understand this request, we always explain that a garden by nature needs care and attention. Container plants are limited in their soil volume and need regular root pruning to alleviate root compression. Irrigation systems leach fertilizer, so you need to rebalance their nutrition constantly. Exposure to cold temperatures can lead to varying degrees of damage.  The heat of summer requires regular watering either by hand or by...

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