Indoor plants are on a boom ! – we have never seen this level of interest in indoor plant scaping since the 1970″s.


People are increasingly interested in bringing nature into their interior spaces. Plant Specialists started as an interior plant company in the 1970’s so we were here for that ! We offer exceptional interior plants in New York City.

People are realizing that bringing house plants into their homes is a therapeutic an inexpensive way to bring the outdoors in.

Plant Specialists offers exception interior plants in NYC

We all lead such busy lives in this urban jungle that often a plant becomes a part of the family, a loved one – a connection with  nature an the environment.

Indoor plants are often harder to care for than their outdoor counterparts. This is due to the environment that we put them in. Many challenges such as lighting, heating and cooling are challenging factors.

Plant Specialists interior plant knowledge spans 50 years

So why do interior plants often not do well or god forbid – die !

well there are several reasons and all of them should be considered.

Too much light – if it is a shade loving plant then it should not go into direct sunlight – remember windows can amplify or magnify heat – baking in the sun might be nice for you but not for a shade loving plant !

Too little light – Same as too much light – you cant expect a plant that loves the light to survive in low light or no light conditions.

Shock – not sticker shock but moving or repotting shock can have an adverse affect on your new baby ! A Ficus can drop 30% of its canopy just by moving it a few feet. Make sure that if you are moving an indoor plant you are moving it into an ideal location for light etc.


This lovely lady slipper orchid will rebloom in the correct location

Help me I’m drowning ! – too much water will kill your plant ( unless its a water plant ) Best way to check if your plant needs water is to stick a finger into the soil !

Plants like boyfriends will often die of neglect – oh yes this is true ! You cant forget to water the poor thing until you notice that it is drooping and looking sad ( cue boyfriend image ) then douse it with water and expect all to be good – too late damage is done.


Humidity – interior heating is not ideal for plants – they love a regular misting or to be sat on a layer of pebbles with water in their saucer ( never put the plant directly into the saucer of water or you will rot their roots.

This green wall was installed three years ago by the team at Plant Specialists – and with lots of love care and attention it looks like this !

Too much fertilizer or not enough fertilizer. Read the instructions – they are not like people – feeding them a little more is not always good – it can result in the burning of the plant. Too little or no fertilizer can result in stringy or leggy plants.

Bugs – yes indoor plants get bugs – some are easy to treat and some are not! our talented team in Plant health care at Plant Specialists are experts in organic ( preferred ) and non organic plant health care services.

Root bound plants are often plants that have been in the same planter or pot for many years. At Plant Specialists we regularly root prune and add amended soil to encourage root growth – which ultimately results in a healthier plant all round.


The biggest issue for all indoor plants is over or under watering.

Overwatered plants – indoor plants will see their roots begin to rot as anaerobic conditions exist in the soil. Waterlogged soil prevents oxygen from reaching the roots.


Underwatered plants – every living thing on our planet needs water ( or vodka – speaking for myself )  and potted plants are no different. Also, soil is a living, breathing substance and requires water to encourage the growth of microbiome that enable roots to remain healthy.

If you are looking for indoor plant care services in New York City – you should look no further than Plant Specialists – we have spent 50 years greening New York City !

Knowing your indoor plant’s water requirements and adjusting that to the conditions in which it now lives is crucial to the well being of your new family member. Don’t forget to take into account light conditions, atmosphere temperature, dust and the water requirements of your new friend.

Same could be said for a boyfriend really – if you can be bothered !