Viva Italia !


Terracotta is an un-glazed, typically brownish- reddish clay earthenware from Italy. What you buy new is a bland Terracotta planter with no character at all! 

Well here is a trick that will help age your pot beautifully. Its an easy method to make them looked old and wise – like it has seen many Tuscan summers. 




To subdue the bright orange/ red look of a new planter and give a garden an aged elegance all you need is three things.  Some plain ( full fat ) yogurt (no dieting for these guys !), a dry foam paint brush, and of course your terracotta pot. Make sure you go for the un-glazed pot as it will not work on a glazed planter. It needs the porous un-glazed terracotta to work.

The final effect will be a greenish patina with moss and sometimes crusty edges ! Think Roman Statue, or an aged roof.


plain store bought yogurt


disposable foam brush


unglazed new terra cotta pots


How to


Soak your new terracotta pot in water for at least 15 minutes, at Plant Specialists, we completely submerge the pot for a few hours to ensure a really good soak.

Take your tub of yogurt and brush the yogurt on liberally all over the planter. Slop it on !! make it thicker in some areas and thin in others, the uneven layers will result in a more natural look in the end. You don’t need to do the inside.

Leave it sit for a month or two. Usually leave it somewhere outside in a warm shady spot.  Note to self – don’t store them inside the house! it will stink and will attract bugs out for a yogurt fiesta !

Your planter will look better and better over time, fertilizers and water will continue to add to its beauty.


aged and quite lovely !



Good luck – send us some pictures of your creations !

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Article written by our Staff Horticulturist, Peter B Morris, BSc, MSc, MBA

All photographs used with permission @SHUTTERSTOCK